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  • Maryam Eivazi
    Zanjan, Iran

    Maryam Eivazi is an Iranian artist best known for her Abstract paintings. Her works present the artist’s search, aimed at externalizing her intuitions, is revealed through the filter of visual representation. Maryam Eivazi’s works evoke a dreamlike universe that emerges through recognizable colors and shapes, signs that can be traced back to the natural world that appear, on the whole, abstract. She studied Bachelor of Arts in Painting at Art and Architecture University in Tehran, Iran at 2008 and pursuing a Masters degree in Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, Italy at 2018. Her most recent exhibitions were at Galleri Tom Christoffersen in Copenhagen and “Sometimes Somethings” at Alessandro Albanese Gallery in Milan. She has also participated in an Art Fair in Dubai, represented by Dastans’ Basement Gallery.

    Works for sale: