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  • Mojtaba Ramzi
    Tehran, Iran

    Mojtaba Ramzi is an Iranian sculptor who was born in 1973,Tehran.He started his artistic career in graphic and continued in Painting and Animation directing. He’s been working as sculptor for more than two decades and worked as an academic mentor for more than 1 decade.the basic themes of his artworks are life, liberty, destiny, fate and gambling which he is trying to present them throughout the sphinxes . In this narrating, he uses the visual traditions of prehistorical and ancient art of Iran and the other Mesopotamian civilizations as well as myths and folklores. His direction is to be able to get connected with other nation audiences despite he’s calling of local motifs and legends in the meanwhile. Ramzi has presented his artworks on six different solo exhibitions in Tehran, Paris and Beirut. He has also participated in several events including art fares, art residencies, biennials and auctions in Tehran, Paris, London, Toronto, Budapest, Transylvania, Seoul, Beirut, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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