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  • Yousha Bashir
    Tehran, Iran

    Yousha Bashir was born in 1989 and is a Tehran-based multi-disciplinary artist who holds a degree after diploma in graphic design and a BFA of visual arts from Farhangian University of Tehran. His practice ranges from painting to sculpture to installations. Concepts such as construction/deconstruction, duality, and suspension are the key elements that tie most of his works together. The ideas behind his works are mostly being recycled from his own previous works and his works mostly oscillate between abstraction and figuration. The self and how it is separated from the real world is one of the main explorations throughout his works thus often his works are figures usually as self-portraits or utopian/dystopian abstract landscapes. He has had several solo and group exhibitions in Iran and countries like Austria, Italy, USA, UAE, Georgia and Taiwan.

    Works for sale: